Let's Make The World a Better Place

While infants benefit, it's the family who needs you most.

As an educator in this field, you are not just improving your career, you are helping to change our world's future for the better, one baby at a time.



Our founder, Becca Starr is a Certified Infant Massage Therapist Instructor and has owned and operated spas since 1999.

Her attention to detail and her caring nature make her truly exceptional. Eighteen years ago, she discovered the wondrous gift of Infant Massage.

Benefiting both baby and parents, Infant Massage is sacred work for Becca. 

As an educator and a mother, she joyfully shares this with families, caregivers, and professionals.

Infant Massage has proven to help babies thrive. IMC delivers the highest quality education, the most trusted and experienced teachers, and ongoing support to every student.

We teach live classes as well as online.  For students enrolling online, each lesson is easy to follow, includes video and text, comprehensive information, as well as chapter quizzes to help prepare for the final exam. 

IMC is committed to your success. We offer an extensive training program that is both affordable and convenient. All of our programs provide everything you need to start your journey... helping our future one baby at a time.

"Let’s all live inspired lives, and change the world!"

Tony Horton

Our Blog

Discover more about infants, parenting and relationships. When you work with new parents, it's important to be able to connect with them and relate to their world. Many of our students have grown children or no children and we have found this to be a helpful tool to keep you connected to your clients. We include product reviews and lots of articles on sleep, one of the most talked about topics for new parents.


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